Shall we play a game?

Feeling adventurous?

Grab some dice from the bar to play,

Drink what you land on - come what may!!!

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Our fabulous happy hour offers 2-4-1 on all cocktails* from the menu Sunday to Friday 5pm-8pm!


This also includes our bonkers sharing cocktails (50% off) for those of you who really fancy kicking things up a notch on a school night!

On Thursdays we go that extra mile - we put on a cracking live band from 9pm-12am, and offer happy hour ALL NIGHT LONG

not to be missed!

MONDAY                   5pm  -  8pm

TUESDAY                   5pm  -  8pm

WEDNESDAY             5pm  -  8pm

THURSDAY                 5pm -  12am

FRIDAY                       5pm  -  8pm

SUNDAY                     5pm  -  8pm

On special occasions such as New Years Eve, Boat Race, Easter Thursday, bank holiday Sundays etc, happy hour times may vary.

*Exceptions to happy hour are printed on the menu